Buddhist Meditation in the Samatha Tradition


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Buddhist Meditation Classes In Durham 2013-2014:

Learn a gentle way to calm and inner strength through mindfulness of breathing.

The Durham group meets on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm to around 9.00 pm (with breaks over Christmas and Easter periods and continuing to the end of June).

Each class consists of a talk, and perhaps a discussion, then a guided meditation, which teaches step by step a way of developing greater calm, inner strength and awareness through giving attention to the flow of the breath. No previous experience in meditation is needed. After the first week, there is the opportunity for one to one discussion with the teacher on the application of the method. While it is preferable to come to the class from Sept. 25, you can join later, too.

No need to book before attending - just come along and give it a go.

We meet in Alington House, which is not far from the Market Square. Go up Saddler Street towards the Cathedral, but don't then take the road that branches off this to the Cathedral square; Alington House is a white fronted building on the left, about 10 yards after the road up to the square has branched off.

We meet in room  3, which is on the first floor, reached by a staircase at the end of the long entrance corridor. Room 3 is on the left at the top of the stairs. 

In 2013-14 we meet Sept 25 - Dec 11, then Jan 8 - April 9, then April 30 - June 25. Please note that people may not join after Easter.

You can usually park on the Cathedral square, Palace Green, but otherwise in the underground car park near the market square.

 Cost of classes: £3 per week. 
There is another class nearby in Sunderland, which meets on Thursdays at 5pm.

Contact Peter Harvey
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if you want  more information.