Great Malvern

Great Malvern
Gold Buddha hand

We are starting 2016 with a full day of meditation, from sunrise (8.00 a.m.) till sunset (4.00 p.m.) on Saturday January 2nd. While this day is not suitable for complete beginners, anyone who knows at least some of the stages of the practice, will be very welcome. Please contact Pam at for further information.

Sunbsequent meetings are January 11th and 25th, and February 8th, 22nd and 29th. There are no meetings in March and we will start again on the second Monday in April.

We meet at the Friends' Meeting House, Orchard Road, Great Malvern WR14 3DA. Beginners come at 7.00pm to learn the Samatha meditation practice which is structured and guided. This teaching therefore happens over a few months, gradually building up confidence and skill. There is opportunity to talk with the teacher about how practice is going on a one-to-one basis.

Experienced meditators arrive later, currently at 7.45 pm. They join the beginers for coffee/tea and conversation on some aspect of Buddhist teaching before a group meditation practice At an appropriate time newcomers are invited to stay for this part of the evening to share in the experience of a long group practice.

A theory class for experienced meditators follows; meditators are invited to join this group when it is right for them.

The Friends' Meeting House on Orchard Road is a short walk from Priory Park, or can be reached by car from Malvern town centre via Abbey Road, forking left onto Priory Road. Orchard Road is then on the left, opposite College Road.

As we usually sit for practice on a hard wooden floor, it's useful to bring a yoga mat, blanket or other soft surface to rest your knees on. There are some cushions in the Meeting House, though some people bring their own from home. Those who are physically unable to sit on the floor may sit on a suitable chair.

It is customary not to charge anything for teaching , which is freely given. However, we rely on the generosity of those there to cover the room hire and refreshments and most people leave £3 -£5 pounds if they can afford it. You do not need to register or book for a full series of classes - come and try it out!

If you have any questions, you can phone Pam the teacher on 01684 899117 or contact her via email