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Buddhist Meditation Classes in Sunderland 2015-2016
Learn a gentle way to calm and inner strength through mindfulness of breathing.

The Sunderland group meets on Thursdays 5.15 pm to around 7.00pm.
The first class will meet on Thursday October 8th 2015.

Each class consists of a talk, and discussion, then a guided meditation, which teaches step by step a way of developing greater calm, inner strength and awareness through giving attention to the breath.

No previous experience in meditation is needed. After the first week, there is the opportunity for one to one discussion with the teacher on the application of the method.

While it is preferable to attend from the first class, you can also join later too.No need to book - just turn up to the class and give it a go.

We meet in the meeting room on the first floor of the Interfaith Chaplaincy Building of the University of Sunderland, St.Peter's Campus, Wearbank House (building no.7), Charles Street.
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In 2015 - 2016, the classes run October 8th - December 10th : January 7th - March 24th : April 14th - July 7th

There is no charge for the class.

Contact Kath Jones: or Tel: 07707621717 if you need more information.