North America

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Beginners' meditation classes in the Buddhist Samatha tradition are currently offered in four cities in the United States of America. All beginners' classes are open to all, and are offered free of charge (although you are welcome to make a donation to help cover the costs of refreshments and room rental).

Beginners classes

In the Midwest, classes are offered in Hyde Park, on the South Side of Chicago. One beginners' class meets in the Rockefeller Chapel on the University of Chicago campus, another meets at Chaturanga Holistic Fitness, in the Deco Arts Building. For more details, visit

In the San Francisco Bay Area of California, a beginners' meditation class meets in Alameda, close to Oakland and Berkeley. For more details, visit

In New England, there is a beginners' class in Boston, Masschusetts. It meets in the Harvard Divinity School. For more details, visit

In Philadelphia, a beginners' class meets on the University of Pennsylvania campus. For more details, visit

A new class is starting in Alabama, for more details, visit

Occasionally, one of these groups will organize a day of meditation instruction for beginners. Details will appear on the website of the organizing group.

Other Activities

There are a number of opportunities for those who have completed a first course of instruction in Samatha meditation. In Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area, there are advanced groups who regularly meet to practice Samatha meditation and explore and discuss related Buddhist teachings.

In Chicago, there is a group who meet to practice chanting Pali Buddhist texts. Residential courses are offered to those who have some experience with Samatha Buddhist meditation. There is a week long residential course every year, and shorter residential courses are occasionally organized. You can find out more about residential courses by asking your meditation teacher.

The Samatha Journal (a journal published by the UK Samatha Trust and of interest to those who practice all forms of meditation) is currently edited in California.

The Samatha Foundation of North America

Samatha Buddhist meditation is supported in North America by the Samatha Foundation of North America, an Illinois corporation which has just applied to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation's specific purpose is to support, foster and advance the teachings and practices of Buddhism in North America, and especially the tradition of Samatha meditation. Amongst other things, the Foundation provides logistical and financial support, when it is needed, to regional groups.

For more details about Samatha meditation in North America or the Samatha Foundation of North America, please e-mail