Samatha Beginners' Class

Samatha is a form of meditation practice which applies ones attention on the breath in order to learn how to cultivate both calm and mindfulness. The breath is said to be a meditation object which is suitable for all. As the practice develops one observes how the mind operates and investigates techniques to bring about greater calm and mindfulness. Both on the “cushion” and in daily life.

Samatha beginners’ classes give a systematic introduction to this meditation and mindfulness practice. Gradually introducing the theory underpinning the practice, which aids the investigation. Threaded through this is the exploration of Metta (Universal Friendliness) Meditation

This is a structured course which enables people to gradually build up their practice. Meditation is individual to each meditator, and keeps on developing and deepening over time, so guidance and discussion are provided not only in the group, but also encouraged on a one-to-one basis.

There are lots of chairs, but if you prefer sitting on the floor please bring a cushion if you need one.

The Class

There are no classes in Norwich currently but if you would like more information or to register an interest in future classes please contact Al Brownlee at

Facebook: SamathaMeditationNorwich

Twitter: Al Brownlee@norwichsamatha