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Oxford Classes in  2016/17

Samatha meditation has been taught and practiced in Oxford for nearly 40 years and there are several groups currently meeting in various parts of Oxford. There are currently two beginners classes running in Oxford: Headington and Oxford University.

You may join a class at any time. No need to book - just turn up to the class and give it a go. Classes are friendly, include time for informal discussion and last around two hours. There is no charge for teaching, although donations towards costs are requested.


What will I learn?

Samatha means calm. Over a period,  we gradually learn how to use the breath to calm the body and mind (and learn alot about how our minds work in the process). This meditation is a form "Mindfulnes with Breathing" and the tehnique taught in stages and takes about 4-6 months to learn.


Will I have to sit cross-legged on the floor?

You are encouraged to find a meditation posture that is comfortable for you whether that is sitting on cushions on the floor or on a chair. Looser clothing helps, and please bring a cushion if you want to try sitting on the floor.


Oxford University Class

The classes are held by the Oxford University Buddhist Society and are held Mondays at 8pm during term time. Please check back here for venue/dates (usually announed close to the start of term). Everyone, whether associated with Oxford University or not, is very welcome.


Headington Class

Classes run throughout the year, at 7:45pm on Tuesday evenings, with breaks for Summer, Christmas and Easter.

This class will be open for newcomers in the Autumn (dates to be announced shortly). Please contact us if you would like to join the class. Everyone is very welcome!
Headington Parish Hall
Dunstan Road (Opposite Ruskin College)
Oxford,  OX3 9BY

For more information, contact Cary/Charles on headington@samatha.org or Charles on 01865 862 680.